Paige Anderson and Damien Riehl
June 23, 2001
Fargo, North Dakota
 4:30 p.m. Ceremony 

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Paige's Wedding Party

Tara Pettys
Maid of Honor
Tara and I met in Spanish class during our first semester at Moorhead State University (I won't say what year!), and we have been friends ever since. We lived together for six years in the big green house in Moorhead where we developed a reputation for throwing extravagant theme parties and for having a high male roommate turnover rate. We still aren't sure why those men didn't want to live with us for very long! Tara and I know virtually everything there is to know about each other after six years as roommates. Last summer, Tara moved to Rogers, Texas, to be closer to her boyfriend, and I miss my outgoing, positive friend and confidant a great deal.

Linda Lia
Matron of Honor
Linda and I met at Prairie Public Television in 1993 where we both began working as production crew members. Perhaps it was the duress of being overqualified and underpaid that bonded us, or perhaps it was the way that Linda was so helpful in plotting revenge against former boyfriends that made us instant friends. No, we never carried out any of those plans, but Linda has a certain way of making me feel better! Last July, Linda married Craig Lia in a beautiful ceremony on a boat on Lake Superior. In December, Linda and Craig moved to Saint Paul after Linda accepted a job with Twin Cities Public Television.

Sue Ivankovich
Tara introduced Sue and me around 1994, and I instantly admired Sue's intelligence and generosity. We also traveled to Europe together in 1996 and 1997 and had a memorable time exploring castle ruins in Ireland and trying to get rid of pesky strangers in London (see the photo!). Sue and her parents have been excellent hosts to many summer outings at their house on a lake near Alexandria. Sue married Kirk Ivankovich, a former roommate of Tara and mine, and they had their first baby, Robert Paul, on April 7 this year. Congratulations! Sue lives in Fargo and works at MeritCare Hospital as a Physician's Assistant.

Cindy Bailey
Cindy and I also met at PPTV in the early 1990s. We have a common love for travel, rock bands, and hypothetical questions. We traveled to Europe twice together, once in 1997 when we lived in Ireland for the summer, and once in the fall of 1999 when we traveled through Holland, Germany, Austria, France, and Belgium. Because of our travels, Cindy has become an expert on the subjects of peat, foreign beer, and driving in Paris. The photo was taken in Paris after a trip to some quaint bread and cheese shops. Cindy lives in Minneapolis and works for Best Buy Corporation.

Shari Neece
Shari and I met in graduate school in 1995 at North Dakota State University where we bonded through stress and our mutual appreciation for cats and for long-haired rock bands. Shari and I have shared teaching assignments, an office, and many lunches when we both taught at NDSU and MSU. I miss sharing an office with Shari; I always looked forward to going to work and spending time with one of my best friends. This photo was taken at Tara's going away party last year. The theme was "Don't Mess with Texas," and Shari was a stunning version of the stereotypical big-haired, make-up wearing "Miss Texas." She lives in Fargo with her husband, Mike, and she teaches in Moorhead and Fergus Falls.

Missy Newell
Personal Attendant
My first cousin Melissa and I are both the only girls in our families. We grew up only a few miles apart and spent many hours playing on hay bales and vying for the attention of our grandparents. She is an adventurous person who loves to travel. Missy currently lives in Portland and works as a Registered Nurse.

Connie Theede
Personal Attendant
Connie and I were inseparable all through grade and high school. Our teachers even spoke to our parents about it! We did everything together-edited the school annual, cheerleading, track (okay, only briefly for both of us!), school plays, and more. Connie lives near Fairmount with her husband Jason and daughter Alyssa, and she teaches in Hankinson. They are expecting their second child in August.

Lyndsey Alm
Personal Attendant
Lyndsey and I met while working at Holiday Inn in Fargo many years ago. We both made the move to Minneapolis/Saint Paul, and Lyndsey continuously introduces me to fun things to do around town. Lyndsey works at Leggette, Brashears, and Graham, an environmental engineering firm, and she lives in Saint Paul.  This photo of Schane, Lyndsey, and me was taken before a Dishwalla concert.

Joe Anderson
Joe is my only brother, and although he's six years younger than me, we had a great time as kids living on the farm. Joe has always been very athletic (unlike his sister!), and he loves the outdoors and activities like dirt bike racing. We like to tease Joe about how many "toys" he owns--snowmobiles, motorcycles, four wheelers, and the like. This February, Joe married Holly Slaamot and is now in the process of purchasing the farm where we grew up outside of Rosholt. The entire family is thrilled for Joe and Holly.

Corey Newell
My first cousin Corey and I were in the same grade all through school in Rosholt, S.D., and we both attended MSU and lived in Fargo for many years. Corey has a great sense of humor, and although he rarely dressed up for our theme parties, he did once wear a sign around his neck that said "anti-social" as his costume for a Halloween party. Corey loves the outdoors and is quite adventurous; he has bungee-jumped off a bridge, and last year he went skydiving. He now lives in Boise, Idaho.

Paul Leintz
Paul and I also met at PPTV and quickly became karaoke buddies and great friends. Paul's special version of "Love Shack" is hard to beat, and I wouldn't sing it with anyone else! He has provided the music for many gatherings and is a person who truly lives each day to the fullest. For many years Paul has been a DJ at 107.9 the FOX radio in Fargo, and he also currently works at KVLY.  No, that isn't Paul's real hair!  This photo is from one of Tara's birthday parties with a 70s theme.

Brad Jacobson
Gift Carrier/Ticket person
Brad is another former roommate of mine and I won't soon forget pounding on his door to make sure he heard his alarm! Brad is a great conversationalist and a friend who will do anything to help a person out. He is currently finishing his degree at NDSU in Fargo and works road construction during the summers.

Pat Reinke
Gift Carrier/Ticket person
Pat also is another former roommate from the green house. He lived in the basement, or the "dungeon" as he affectionately called it. Pat was awarded a trip from his employer at Community First last year, and he took me along as his guest to Cancun, which was an incredible amount of fun. We bought the hats at a club in Cancun and are hamming it up for the camera. Pat is originally from Hankinson, ND, and he now lives in Fargo.

Laura Stowe

Laura and I met when I joined a poetry group she was a part of. We met once a week, shared our work, and eventually gave several readings around town. It was at one of these readings where I first met Damien! Laura is a creative and fun person who inspires me. She graduated last year from NDSU and currently lives and works in Fargo.

Mike & Lynn Larson
Punch Pourers
Mike and Lynn Larson live in Moorhead. Mike was the first male roommate Tara and I had at the green house, and Lynn was a volunteer for North Dakota Special Olympics when I worked for them. She played team handball for NDSO, and both Mike and Lynn are athletic and involved every sport imaginable. I'm pleased to add that I was the one who suggested that Mike and Lynn go on a date!

Nancy Tullis 
& Gayle Johnson
Guest Book Attendants
Nancy and Gayle became my good friends at NDSU. We started graduate school at the same time in 1995 and quickly developed a strong bond during our first semester and intense Graduate Scholarship class. Nancy and Gayle are both wonderful, loyal friends and exceptional teachers.  Both currently teach in the Fargo/Moorhead area and will be full time at MSU next year. I miss seeing them every day and sharing all of the daily classroom events that make teaching so challenging and enjoyable at the same time.