Paige Anderson and Damien Riehl
June 23, 2001
Fargo, North Dakota
 4:30 p.m. Ceremony 

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Damien's Immediate Family

Deb Riehl
Mom lives in Bismarck, one block from my (and my brothers') high school.  She has earned a degree in Computer Information Systems Management, and she is continuing her education to get Microsoft and Novell certification.  This is an amazing feat, since it was only a few years ago when I was explaining to her what RAM and megahertz are.  

Andy & Paula Riehl
Dad and Paula live near Center, ND since Dad "bought the farm" in the literal sense.  He spends his days working at Minnkota power (only minutes away), and his evenings playing farmer -- successfully I might add.  Paula works at BNI Coal, which supplies the fuel for Minnkota power.  They spend their spare time making their farmhouse into a home.

Mike & Angie Riehl
Mike and Angie live in Dwight, ND (south of Fargo), where Mike is an operator at Cargill corn processing plant.  He's also a volunteer firefighter, and I've had the honor of watching him work. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping liking throwing on your firecoat and putting a high-pressure hose in your hands.

Angie has nearly completed her art degree from Moorhead State University, which is also Paige's alma mater.  Angie is particularly interested in pottery, and she is excellent at it.  One might say that she can "throw like a mofo."

Ken Riehl
Ken will graduate in May from St. Mary's Central High School in Bismarck.  He's very active in the school's electronics program, and he plans to pursue a degree from NDSCS in Wahpeton in the fall.  He has excelled in electronics competitions, and his future looks bright in the electronics field.

Ken, like the rest of my brothers, is an excellent musician - he can play everything from the trumpet to the tuba to the guitar.

Dominic Riehl
Dom will be a Senior at St. Mary's this fall.  He spends a great deal of time in Wrestling practice, hanging with his friends, and workin' the ladies.  Word to the mutha.  

Dom works at McDonalds and enjoys the perks -- he has gained enough weight to prove it.  Though he's not certain which college he would like to attend, he seems to have gotten it in his mind that he would like to be an attorney.  God help us all.